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Welcome to Black Girl Hug!

Let's heal together!

If you're at the point in your healing journey where you do NOT play about protecting your peace, then you're in the right place! HEY GIRL ,HEY!

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What is a "Black Girl Hug"

Black Girl Hug isn't just about a physical embrace, or just about healing others. It’s about healing yourself first and healing others as you go. Because when you give yourself permission to heal, you’re ultimately giving someone else that same permission.


Be the example. (That’s right, you’re an example at every stage of your healing journey!) 


Even on days when you feel like you're going backwards or not having as much progress as you would like, someone out there is seeing you live your life authentically and they are now believing they can do it too! 


Black Girl Hug is a movement that starts and continues with US!

Black Girl Hug is about sisterhood, self expression, and building community on the notion that being a Black woman is a specific experience that only we understand. It's about showing our daughters what it looks like when we have support, real friendships, and connection with each other. It's about leaning on each other, uplifting one another, fanning each others flames, and providing safe spaces to do that!

We can't do it alone and we shouldn't have to.

I see you, I hear you, I am you sis.

Tangia Seward-

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