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Who we are

We are are breaking free from the societal norms that have determined how we express ourselves as Black women and girls, how we get to heal as an individual and as a group! We are now choosing to heal ourselves first and saving the world second! We are tired of suffering in silence while everyone else reaps the benefits. We are kicking generational, emotional, physical, and mental traumas ass!

What we do

We empower Black women and girls to confidently & comfortably express themselves in a positive way. We encourage them to unlearn all of the societal norms that pressure us to hold everything in, be a strong black woman, carry the pain of the world, and do it with a smile. We are here to show you that, YOU are not alone my sista! Let's heal together.

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Meet Tangie

"Always find joy in the journey. That's the only way you get to keep your power."

Tangia Seward (Also known as Tangie), is a seasoned entrepreneur of 13 years, mother of 2, and Active duty military spouse. 

Tangie has always had a love of helping others and speaking up for those who couldn't do it themselves. This stems from a lack of confidence and self love that she experienced as a child.

Tangie has become a beacon of light for others, by fanning their flames, walking in her truth, and also being loud about her mental health struggles & triumphs! 


Along the way, Tangie learned that she had a gift of words, a platform that could help Black women heal, and a new found confidence that she wanted to share with others in a way that they could make their own.

With some encouragement from amazing friends and family members, Black Girl Hug was born!

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